PB Bugg/Monster Riding DC.

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PB Bugg/Monster Riding DC.

Post  24thCentury on Mon Jan 04, 2010 7:34 pm

All right. Alot of you have been asking about the monster riding and why you always DC(disconnect) everytime you use your mount.Here's One of the reason:
Check Your LEVEL of your Mount And the level of your character:)
As for PB, please do not go to Temple of Gods(i think not sure) and fight PB cause it's bugged there:)
For the moment, i'll ask the WHTMS staffs to dis-allow player from entering there. cause if you enter there, you'll be bugged and you WILL have rollbacks. Just wanna say that since i've already told you, WHTMS is not responsible for any loss of items cause i've already told ya:)

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