Cap's Events!

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Cap's Events!

Post  Capever on Fri Jan 22, 2010 10:45 pm

LOL....Realise that this is the only Topic not filled with post....

*Ah Hems*

Events so far hosted by Capever/Aran XD

Hide & Seek:GM uses hide and go to certain maps...And giving clue via Smega...

Jump Quest:Players jump the map?!ROFL!

True Or False:GM ask question(T/F) players move << or >>> respectively....(Only hosted in O-X Quiz Map)

Grays Carnival:Players form into party or 2~3....Each party shall defeat certain amount of Cheif Grays(All attacks to it will be 5....Certain skills will be Banned...E.G.:Hurricane,Savage Blow,Glitched Skills(Eagle eye ETC..)

Scavager Hunt:GMs request for certain things which cannot be obtained easily....players will have a time limint to get those things.

(F)Random Boss:GM randomly spawn some Boss.

(F)60 Secs Boss:Player(s) will have 60 secs to kill 1 boss.(It's a solo event) Player will be rewarded with coin after each victory

Events from other GMS,

Fashion Event

Gift Event

Events with (F)=Failed XD

*Will be upload-Ing SS ASAP XD

Capever FTW! Very Happy

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