Brians gm app (for future refences if you like)

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Brians gm app (for future refences if you like)

Post  katyyxp11 on Tue Mar 23, 2010 8:27 am

ign: Brian
Hobbies: Maplestory (Gms and private servers)
Gender: Male
Time zone: Mountain Standard Time
Language: Clear English, good grammer =)

Have you had Gm experience in the past?
-Yes. I have In HabitatMS and Maplemystery(district-7)
-I have been rank 3 gm for Habitatms and rank 2 gm for District-7
-I understand the commands well. I'm still improving but I'm still very good with Gm commands (unless you have custom-ed them different in this Ps). If they are I am willing to learn.

How long can I play ?
a) weekdays

a) I can play 45min~1hour (because of school)
b) 2hours~7hours

Time spent playing??
-Just starting
-If you would like me to start a new gm app later on, sure i will do it!

How long have you played gms(global maplestory)?
-I have played Gms for 4 years =P

How can I improve this server or be useful to this server?
-I can improve this server by having fun, interesting events. I can make sure the events will be fair
-I like to help people and welcome to new players. (help by telling them tips and giving advice. Also answering anything that is questioned)
-I can improve this server by advertising use the web(Youtube) and telling friends and neighbors to join
-I am also very nice in maplestory and private servers.
-I will not show favoritism because liking just one person is not fair to other players. I will show respect to the server.

What do you do if you see a fight appear?
-If a fight appears I would first stop them and ask what is happening. I would then talk to each of them personally and listen to what they say and ask each of them more questions like "So how did this start and why did you do this?". I would then ask if they will apologize to each other and forgive one another. If they don't then I would tell them it's the best thing to do.

What do you do if a hacker appears?
-In every server i have played as a Gm I would first give a warning
-If they continue using hacks I will ban them and give a good explanation.
-Example for what i said above: ^^ ^^^^^^^ " dragoslayer has been banned using vac hack and also because of abusing players."
-Usually when i ban a person I give proof like get a screen shot and put it in forums with the reason why.
(hacking is nothing good. It ruins everyone's day. NO ONE likes it.)

~Thank you for reading my Gm app

My Moto: Excellence is not a skill. It is an attitude.

P.S-My birthday is in 6 more days! lol



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